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Premier Footing Additives

Official Footing Supplier of US Equestrian

Global Footing Experts for Arena Footing Surfaces

We understand horses and how important it is to keep your equine partner safe and sound. For the last 10 years we have been studying how arena surfaces interact with horses’ biomechanics. Our horse arena footing products are formulated with biomechanics and injury prevention in mind. This is what separates us from competitors. Do you want horse people designing your arena surface or just an excavator?

How Arena Surfaces Affect Horse Biomechanics

Every stride is influenced by how the hoof interacts with the ground and the various qualities of the arena layers. An ideal arena surface allows horses to move efficiently, minimizes concussion, absorbs shock, provides support, and returns energy back to the horse. Watch this video to understand how different surfaces affect the biomechanics of the horse. Save

What quality of riding surface are you striving for?


Use your existing arena base and existing  sand with a Premier footing additive to improve the quality of your surface. A FREE sand report and consultation will determine the best solution for improving your arena riding surface.

Starting at 35¢ per square foot


Use your existing arena base with new sand and a Premier footing additive. Premier Equestrian can help you source sand in your area giving you a high-quality arena riding surface

Starting at 70¢ per square foot
Sand & aggregate prices will vary throughout North America.


New construction arena - Complete design, construction, drainage, materials, and sand mixed with a Premier footing additive. We’ll help you design and build a top quality arena riding surface from start to finish.

Starting at $3.00 per square foot

Premier Footing Arena Products – We make horse arena footing easy

Three categories describe various options, costs, and characteristics of our arena footing products. From basic arena additives to the very best in arena design we have what you need to match your budget, riding discipline, and maintenance program. Working with one of our Premier Footing Experts will help unlock your specific goals and desires. Our products and operations are tailored to make the process easy and straightforward. We aim to educate you along the way so you understand why, how, and what you should do when planning your arena project.

Print Hi-Performance Footing Additives

  • Premium footing additives
  • Designed for optimum performance, high traffic and superior function for biomechanics
  • Require specific grooming equipment
  • Require moisture
  • Require a specific blend of sand
  • A professionally constructed base and drainage system will optimize these products





Print Performance Footing Additives

  • Increased performance and biomechanics in a wide range of circumstances
  • Ideal for new or existing arenas
  • Moderate to high traffic
  • Can be installed on a variety of different base surfaces
  • Blend with an assortment of sands
  • Requires some moisture and maintenance
  • A wide range of grooming equipment can be utilized

Print Enhance Footing Additives

  • Footing additives that enhance a specific quality in your existing arena surface
  • Aid the performance of your sand
  • For new arenas they will work best when mixed with the additive’s designated sand type
  • Require lower maintenance
  • Will work with most types of grooming equipment



Print Hi-Performance Footing Additives

Premier ProTex™

Premier ProTex textiles and fibers before mixing with sand

Our own mixture of textile and fiber protects your horse by offering excellent impact absorption, high traction and stability. All this at an affordable price.

Learn More about ProTex

Master's Blend

This textile-rubber mixture yields the highest stabilization and superior cushion, giving you a multi-purpose surface that can be adjusted for jumping, dressage, or any other type of performance arena.

Learn More about Master’s Blend

Print Performance Footing Additives


Mix this fiber additive into new or existing sand to trap loose particles and give your sand structure. ArenaAid will also retain water.

Learn More about ArenaAid


Made from recycled athletic shoes, this rubber-textile mixture is designed to provide maximum cushion while retaining moisture and adding stability.

Learn More about Athletex

Print Enhancing Footing Additives



Premier ProStride

Designed to mix with sand, ProStride is a crumb-rubber horse arena footing formulated specifically for horses.

Learn More about ProStride

Hydro-Keep Arena Hydrator

products mfg. for the horse industry by Premier Equestrian
This safe, non-toxic chemical crystal can reduce your arena watering by 50%!

Learn More about Hydro-Keep


Riding in poor arena footing is a major cause of equine injury. Soundness, performance, and safety are key motivators for creating a proper arena surface.

Premier Equestrian makes footing easy. We can work with your builder, or recommend one, or help you do your own work. We’ll guide you through each step of the project whether you’re building from scratch or updating your existing arena. The result is two fold; first, you get the arena you want and second, you save a ton of money doing it. We’ve formulated all our products to give you the very best in safety, injury prevention and optimum performance. Many of our competitors and arena builders will only prescribe the product they sell and not what you need. We will design what’s best for you and your horse.

Browse through our website to learn more about our footing products

Call us for a free consultation at 1-800-611-6109

Arena surfaces affect the biomechanics of your horse

An ideal surface allows horses to move efficiently. The surface should minimize concussion, absorb shock, provide support, and return energy back to the horse. To accomplish this the surface should have a combination of:
Firmness – level of hardness of the surface
Cushioning – how arena layers dampen shock
Cupping – pressure under the frog & digital cushion
Rebound – resiliency of the surface
Grip – tightness of the surface

Premier’s footing is the best we have ever ridden on. It’s the perfect combination of materials, provides superior traction as well as cushioning, retains moisture well, reduces dust, and is very easy to maintain. We couldn’t be happier. Premier Equestrian is simply the best!

Steffen Peters & Shannon Peters

Olympian & Dressage Rider

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