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Arena Grooming & Maintenance Equipment

Grooming and maintenance are key factors in achieving quality arena footing. Grooming enables you to maintain a consistent riding surface for your equine athlete, avoid footing irregularities, and condition your sand and footing additives. A professional-type groomer can overturn and redistribute the varying sand particle sizes and keep additives mixed thoroughly.
Premier Pro Groomer for arena maintenance

Premier Pro Groomer

With S-tines, coil tines, a leveling bar, and front and back rollers the Premier Pro Groomer will keep up with the requirements of maintaining a large professionally-run facility.

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Premier Mini Pro Groomer for arena maintance

Premier Mini Pro Groomer

All the same great features as the Premier Pro in a compact, lighter-weight version. The Premier Mini Pro is designed to be pulled with smaller equipment without a 3-Point hitch.

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Premier Mini Groomer for arena maintenance

Premier Mini Groomer

Outfitted with S-tines, a leveling bar, and a roller the Premier Groomer combines several design elements that extend its grooming capabilities.

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Having the ability to water your arena surface will make a huge difference in performance and dust control.  The intermolecular attraction formed between water molecules holds wet sand together, stabilizing particles that would roll if dry.  Water also plays a roll in absorbing and slowing down the concussive energy of pounding hooves. Water maintains its consistency from 32 degrees to 165 degrees fahrenheit.

We recommend water over polymers and wax coatings, as these types of coatings don’t have the same molecular bond that water has. Polymer and wax molecules actually have a repelling type action. They can become wedged in your horses feet creating a snowball effect. This offsets the balance of the hoof. These types of coatings are very inconsistent in temperature variation. They are stiff and clumpy in cold temperatures and have a lower melting point in high temperatures causing them to leave residue on clothes, shoes, and your horse.

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